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@SpeakerRyan @seanhannity If true, I'm furious. The speaker lied on television. #FreedomCaucus "outed" him yesterday
23rd February, 2017
@seanhannity I am shocked over comments by #FreedomCaucus on your radio show today. No consensus plan #Repeal.
22nd February, 2017
@GeorgeWill at it again. Claims conservatives from #freedomcaucus will turn on Trump by the summer. Keep dreaming George
22nd February, 2017
No death threats against trump #Republicans #GOP @TGowdySC #FreedomCaucus save those for black presidents since they dont condem
21st February, 2017
#FreedomCaucus: It is time to act on the historic record of #FreeMarkets which has increased longevity, & raised bi…
20th February, 2017