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Day 💯 100 days of Chipotle and I've never felt better! Today's tasting menu will be as follows.. @ChipotleTweets
21st January, 2017
FF Episode 3: Took my new eco-friendly Chipotle bike on a journey.. @ChipotleTweets
21st January, 2017
Day .9️⃣9️⃣.♻1.20.17♻ One more day till 💯. Stay tuned for Fit Friday Episode 3!! 😊 #freechipotle @ChipotleTweets
20th January, 2017
@shophouse responsibly raised Grilled Steak Laab & charred corn pairs exceptionally well with a Fresh 100%…
19th January, 2017
Day .9️⃣7️⃣.♻1.18.17♻ Midweek Barbacoa Salad always hits the spot 🥗 #freechipotle @ChipotleTweets @ChipotleFR
18th January, 2017
When the manager of chipotle finds out your the one who caught the guy they just watched go flying by in a pursuit...#freechipotle
17th January, 2017
Our Open House is in Full Swing! Get your Chipotle before it's gone!! #FreeChipotle
16th January, 2017