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Artisans and crafts at frayitaly . #bnyfieldnotes #fray 場所: Bologna, Italy
17th August, 2018
Into every generation a slayer is born. Watch @lootcrate LURK a Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe fan film…
17th August, 2018
Page 7 of Fray: In The Land of Fret... done on Friday. Read the full comic at
14th August, 2018
@ChicagoBears I have Faith In You!!! #Fray #NumberNine You're absolutely Awesome!!!
10th August, 2018
Some more slayer fan art to round it off ☺️ #Fray the future slayer! Wanted to test out a different style with this…
10th August, 2018
@joss Just to be clear, this is the show in development, right?! And if not, Please? 🙏🏽 #Fray #JossWhedon
9th August, 2018
So more or less ready for my big solo trip to London for @London_Geekfest #NineWorlds2018. And as it is a Geek Fest…
8th August, 2018