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"They say snakes in the grass so Imma cut that shit" #Flocka
21st February, 2017
Don't Do Drugs: Woman Loses Her Mind After Allegedly Shooting Heroin! #flocka flocka flocka❌
20th February, 2017
Thought you was my nigga shawty,,,thought you was my dawg!!! #flocka
19th February, 2017
Happy birthday Lukichu!! I love you with my whole heart and some, thanks for being the thicccest member of our rock band #FLOCKA @idc_haha_
18th February, 2017
after @SnoopDogg sends you to australia via k'o punch bring the bag back to #flocka @WakaFlocka. 😂😂🆘🦉🔵 @thegame
18th February, 2017