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I'm looking at renting a house on Grove St #Flocka
26th July, 2017
Ric Flair chillin' with current mainstream Rappers at age 68 raises the question is wrestling really kayfabe 😕 #ricflair #postmalone #flocka
25th July, 2017
@MaseOnBase2 @MaseOnBase2 from our tweets lately I really think we could be a wrecking crew on twitter. #flocka
23rd July, 2017
I go hard in the mu'fuckin' paint Leave you stankin' What the fuck you thinkin' I wont die for this shit… #flocka #crunk #turnup
23rd July, 2017
Heard you talking shit but this ain't what the fuck you want!!!#flocka
22nd July, 2017
@crissles Beeeeesshhhhhhh I stay jamming to an old CD player in my office, mama! I can hook you up! #chaka #flocka
20th July, 2017
My get money gut got the girls fuckin w me #flocka
19th July, 2017