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Dollar Yen knows what it's like when your old friend wants to spar real badly and beats you. You want seconds! Anim…
19th April, 2018
Time for some LIVE grinding in #FinalFantasyXII at! I was getting my ass kicked last time s…
18th April, 2018
I am truly enjoying my #FinalFantasyXII streams and playthrough! Man, if I didn't start several games prior to this…
16th April, 2018
Traversing Raithwall's Tomb in #FinalFantasyXII around 12:15 MN. See you in a few minutes! :3 #Twitch #StreamersPH
16th April, 2018
It still baffles me that people orginally disregarded #finalfantasyXII. Playing through it again with the…
16th April, 2018
Wishing a great Happy Birthday to #TomKane! Happy Birthday Tom! 🎂🍝🙏👍🍷🎁🎉🎈 #TheAvengersEarthMightiestHeroes
15th April, 2018