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Felda settlers blame the absence of separation of powers in #FGV for the dismal share price .
24th July, 2017
Why were the government representatives not raising the red flag on these earlier? #FGV
22nd July, 2017
Why were the independent board members so silent on such matters earlier? #FGV
22nd July, 2017
EPF, felt that the total remuneration package for the chairman, which was stated at RM2.67mil in the 2016, was seen as too high. #FGV
22nd July, 2017
Why can't you hear a Pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Because the P is silent. Hehe just kidding, they're extinct! #fgv #flauwegrapvrijdag
21st July, 2017
Open house Group Finance FGV.. Thanks for inviting .. #fgv #raya2017
20th July, 2017