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“Uncle Psycho was in that bathroom bugggin, knife to his gut mAn, hope he don’t cutt’m” #ferg
24th May, 2018
Put in work, put 'em in the dirt Semi gon' squirt, damn he got murked Who got that work? #ferg voice
23rd May, 2018
There is the break out from the cup and handle..#FERG if I was to admit that I have no idea what this company trade…
21st May, 2018
This was an unexpected but I'll collab. Got the vets with new gunners. Produce by Frankie P not a household name. #Harlem #Ferg
18th May, 2018
A wize man once said "I'll fuck your bitch just for the irony" #ASAP #Ferg
18th May, 2018
You never know what I won’t do, make a few mills with these vocals and these pro tools I thought I TOLD YOU #ferg #asap4ever
17th May, 2018