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Big tears chez moi tonight, one of the kids goldfish died and the other is looking seriously unwell! #Oops #FeelBad
14th November, 2018
I feel bad when I know I have to suffer whatever I did not doing right know,but I still stuck to these. #feelbad
11th November, 2018
Welp that’s another tourney I’m missing out on because I can’t find a solid duo .... #FeelBad
10th November, 2018
If you can’t call your best friend just to talk about food, they ain’t your best friend 😍😍😍 legit called my best fr…
9th November, 2018
Had some malcoms, dembeles, and arthurs that jumped up nicely in price. Never bought tons of them tho as i just ain…
7th November, 2018