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This #Febreze ad with the guy who 'really likes bacon' but his girlfriend doesn' it all a metaphor for him li…
21st October, 2018
#Flairosol is a better way to spray. Cambrian Packaging’s Flairosol represents cutting-edge technology in liquid di…
19th October, 2018
Thank you #febreze. Now my ass can smell like #pumpkinspice too. For a limited time only.
17th October, 2018
Just cleaned my whole crib, cleanliness next to godliness i cant live in a dirty crib smh, gotta keep shit clean fo…
16th October, 2018
In no way, shape or form does a chemically-scented #airfreshener create an indoor environment of fresh air; air fre…
16th October, 2018
The woman in the #febreze advert comes across as an abusive control freak. #LetHimEatBacon
15th October, 2018
Check out Febreze Home Collection Candle Oval Orchid Guava Pink 12 oz 2 Wick Candle #Febreze via @eBay
15th October, 2018