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Sick in bed watching the #familystone eating a bag of cheetos and crying. TIS THE SEASON. #happyholidays
7th December, 2017
Day 5 of #25daysofchristmas cheer & tonight @StaceyHailes took me ice skating thanks to @THOMASSABO for having us!…
6th December, 2017
No offense to anyone who’s ever made a movie before but #familystone is the best and only movie hat exists in my mind. @Diane_Keaton
5th December, 2017
#OTD Dec4,1971 #Sly And The #FamilyStone start a 3wk run at #1 @billboard Hot100 with "Family Affair" their 4th #1
4th December, 2017
Everyone loved it and @jennygarrard almost cried but tried not to in front of everyone. NACHO INTERMISSION…
3rd December, 2017
@shelbs25 Actually I think I might be a little bit drunk Meredith on the inside #familystone #twittermovienight
3rd December, 2017
“I think I’m a Meredith on the outside but an Amy on the inside.” -@shelbs25 “I think I’m an Amy on both sides.” -…
3rd December, 2017
“So far everything’s adorable. I’ll tell you when something’s not adorable.” -@jennygarrard “This is a safe space.…
3rd December, 2017