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It’s winter now right? Does that mean I can stop shaving my legs? #ThursdayThoughts #winteriscoming #whocanbearsed #faff
20th September, 2018
Award-winning filmmaker Amina Rwimo, @filmaidkenya graduates @daviderjok3 and Ahmed Abdullahi, and @FilmAid country…
19th September, 2018
Attending the 11th annual @filmaid #FAFF movie gala in #Kakuma. Happy to watch films by @refugees advocating for…
15th September, 2018
@Dandelamotte In fact. Let’s construct a show/film entitled #Faff
15th September, 2018
This is the word of the day, well the evening anyway. What have you done this evening? ‘I’ve faffed around’ spent…
15th September, 2018
It's Friday!!!!!! Pack up that bag, switch the laptop off, it's #FAFF
14th September, 2018
A #NoDealBrexit will be a positive boon for the UK faff industry with faff levels to soar by up to 2000%. British f…
13th September, 2018
A No Deal Brexit will be a huge boon for the British faff industry with faff levels expected to soar by up to 2000%…
13th September, 2018