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This is what you call hating 😂 there’s a reason you gotta play the combine again #expendable #playsomedeeeee
13th December, 2018
@BmoreDoc Our religious sanctuaries accepting govt money and access, and haven't been in our corner since. #Expendable
13th December, 2018
If I didn’t live so far from the zoo, I would totally work there. But they would probably make me feed the lions. #expendable
11th December, 2018
Indignant Penny Smith says @BBCNews “the UK has not had a very good deal on fishing for many years-why hasn’t this…
10th December, 2018
@UNSEATpac @grantstern @TruthWrite I'm sure she's been debriefed by CIA, DIA & NSA Obviously her mission knowlege…
9th December, 2018