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Here's a quote from a man who clearly spent a whole lot of time on a #motorcycle! Can you tell?? #evelknievel #moto
19th September, 2018
@TikiAmbassador @BenCooperCo I'd mix and match: I'd take the fearsome #PlanetoftheApes mask and combine it with the…
18th September, 2018
Between these and Ideal’s #EvelKnievel cycle, wrecking #toys was sure fun and encouraged in the #70s.
17th September, 2018
Earlier this week I watched "Being Evel", the biopic of #EvelKnievel. Very good movie that showed the high and low…
14th September, 2018
So off topic but I love seeing this! A toy motorcycle and comparatively giant ramps. #evelknievel lives on!
13th September, 2018
I wish I had a count of how many times my action figure of this guy raced down my childhood hallway. #EvelKnievel
13th September, 2018
Kaptain Robbie Knievel, Daredevil and Son of Legendary Stunt Performer #EvelKnievel, Announces New Book & Film in 2…
13th September, 2018