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Komen Day For The Audience Whether It's A Whole Bunch Of Specialists With Billable Hours To Fill. #egotist
21st March, 2017
A self proclaimed #activist is simply an overt #egotist. Go ahead and make a difference, just dont show off about it. e.g. #SJWs
20th March, 2017
Yep, no balance. Because he is #selfcentered #weak #egotist Trump’s budget cuts what makes us civilized - Wa Post
18th March, 2017
@OmniDestiny These clips don't refute my statements. They only highlight your proclivity for misrepresenting complex viewpoints. #Egotist
18th March, 2017
@ste1164 @CrystalNeph 100% sounds like something you would say though #egotist #selffancier
17th March, 2017
Everyone keep sharing the lies, would you put someone in charge of a country who doesn't even try to hiding she's a…
17th March, 2017