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@DonaldJTrumpJr @JaneDoeCountry @Project_Veritas #CNN ClearlyNotNews @Acosta is unstable. Blah, blah😥. It's not your show. Acosta. #EGOTIST
28th June, 2017
If the 12th July turns into the fiasco it used to be, with fires and hatred, May MUST STAND DOWN, she has destroyed the Peace in NI #egotist
26th June, 2017
@neontaster I temp-unfollowed you for the LOLs and looked you up just fine. I HAVE had trouble looking up my old tw…
26th June, 2017
Agree completely mate! 👍🏼 He has also never fully committed himself to the fans, almost as if he knew he wouldn't b…
25th June, 2017
The #Fraud the #Freak the #DramaQueen & the #Egotist all gang up on @BreitbartNews BC they have nothing better to d…
21st June, 2017