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@realDonaldTrump How about trying to figure out how to REALLY run this country instead of whining about a parody. #thinskinned #egotist
4th December, 2016
@megynkelly SO TRUE. Need Hsnnity / Andrea Tantaro / Trish Regan to take her time slot, I always change channel…
3rd December, 2016
What world does Obama live in? He's only person who thinks he is great! #egotist Good riddance. Don't want to see his face again!
3rd December, 2016
@TheTwoMikes It's a shame Porky wasn't a big fat cake - as he would've eaten himself before his big-headed jabberings this morning! #egotist
3rd December, 2016
@iquote_poetry I have a PhD but unlike u I don't use it as some form of self-aggrandising weapon to patronise others. #Egotist.
2nd December, 2016
@CarolineArnoldx @Gnarkles @kurteichenwald He will never be as good as Obama & likely the worst POTUS selection ever. #Narcissist #Egotist
30th November, 2016