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It's international forest day! Do you want to celebrate? Start with planting trees while you search the web with Ec…
21st March, 2018
#Ecosia and Trees for the Future Announce Partnership To Plant Trees In West Africa
20th March, 2018
How to plant a tree by searching the web? The Bing-based search engine ecosia does exactly that.…
19th March, 2018
@frackfreemps Excellent work, even so 'Google' in the meme doesn't use inverted commas & the colours even mimic tho…
18th March, 2018
@frackfreemps Yes good we totally have to do that but don't use the criminal Google site support…
17th March, 2018
@Ecosia @UsambarasFoU Wonderful - proud to be an #ecosia user and advocate
16th March, 2018
Save the Planet & Plant Trees whilst you’re Searching 🔎🌳🌍💚 @Ecosia #Ecosia #PlanetEarth #Trees #Nature #Earth
15th March, 2018
@brave @ecosia I’m trying to set up ecosia as my default search engine on an iPhone X, but it is not in the list av…
14th March, 2018