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Great analysis on the EPIC instrument we built on #DSCOVR and how (our view of) the world will change without it.
18th March, 2017
Canceling funding for instruments on #DSCOVR spacecraft that face our planet from 1 million miles is irresponsible.
17th March, 2017
The Trump Administration Budget Blueprint wants to stop #DSCOVR from sending your this image our Earth.…
17th March, 2017
"The planet Donald Trump doesn't want you to see" #DSCOVR
17th March, 2017
Switching off #DSCOVR is essentially proof the GOP & @realDonaldTrump are cognizant of global warming - shying away from truth is weakness
17th March, 2017
Good that '18 budget proposal recognizes importance of @NASAEarth by requesting $1.8 bil but hope Congress funds…
16th March, 2017