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I just had an esophageal biopsy. I've been anxious about it visit/results for weeks, but mannnn how about those anesthetics amiright? #drugz
28th February, 2017
Dropping 3/22 I Produced #2 #Drugz Featuring @ralofamgoon 🙏🔥 LONG LIVE MY BIG HOMIE!! #DOWN4LIFE
24th February, 2017
Can't bring myself to pay that much for thrive and can't bring myself to sell it but man do I want that shit #drugz
23rd February, 2017
Ask me how many times I participated in class today solely because I took my adderrall #DrUgz
22nd February, 2017
#Males Will $hare #Females N #Drugz but when it cumz 2 Da #ShMoney Dey act #Funny! Datz why Royal Stone Elchvll...
22nd February, 2017