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Hacking on PS4 randomly just die by a trap that isn't anywhere to be found. #fortnite #doodoo @FortniteGame
18th June, 2018
Shoulda been the “Beyonce featuring jay z” album.. #EverythingIsLove #weaksauce #DooDoo
17th June, 2018
Don’t u love when u buy a controller and the paint starts to come off. LOVE SCUFS😪 @ScufGaming #doodoo
16th June, 2018
Lowkey fortnite loot was trash today 75% of drops couldn’t even get a shotgun feelsbadman #fortnite #doodoo
16th June, 2018
Wait. Is that @Ninja & @TSM_Daequan as partners for @KEEMSTAR tourney. This bracket gonna be turned into #doodoo
15th June, 2018
Who would’ve thought that opening 7 chests would prevent you from completing the weekly challenges smh🤔 #ripweek7
14th June, 2018
these challenges & this new outfit make everybody GO DOO DOO fam, calm down you can get it during the week lol. no…
14th June, 2018