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Is this same for #DonMeredith the pedophile? cause I'd like to tell them both exactl…
27th March, 2017
#donmeredith (Still marvel that Rick Okasek scooped Paulina Porizkova. 17 yr age diff.)
26th March, 2017
@SenateCA this senate needs to deal with this #scum..#donmeredith,the self righteous ENTITLED #Racist #lynnbeyak & dump that #duffy & wallin
25th March, 2017
@selwynpieters It undermines legit claims against racism #donmeredith
24th March, 2017
@selwynpieters & if u don't want people 2 use "the race card" term, don't cry racism as such an obvious tactic... #donmeredith
24th March, 2017
@selwynpieters disgraceful u'd even consider the race card in #donmeredith case. 52 yr old man, 16 yr old girl. Case closed #0credibility
24th March, 2017
1) For an example of the institutionalized racism #donmeredith spoke of, see @CTV_Television cc @RosieBarton
24th March, 2017