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C'est KDO #Dolores Go your own way 😎😉💃🕺💯💯💯 @LaurentBerthet1 @ArensBrigitte @gabuzomeuhhh @btyparis75 WOOOW 😍😍😍😍😍…
22nd January, 2019
“ life is changing everyday, In every possible way....” #Dolores 🖤
21st January, 2019
Awesome start to the season! JV earned 4th out of 19 guards in their class. The future is bright for them and so pr…
20th January, 2019
Day 25 A song you like by an artist no longer living #Dolores 😭💔
20th January, 2019
One absolutely difficult year without #Dolores O'Riordan... will be missing her more and more:( Hope she is...
19th January, 2019
Zombie. Solo acapella style and performed by DO'R's niece. A stunning voice that absolutely wowed the @Ormstonhouse
19th January, 2019