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so the #LastStand #DLC for @TheDivisionGame is #PVP eh?! thanks the game just finally died for me. fuck the PVP in that game already
20th January, 2017
@TheOnlyLister @ThunderS7ruck Cod has a following that just wants to play the same way every year but also expect a new game every year #DLC
20th January, 2017
Ready-to-Ship or local Will Call #LED Fixtures. Check out our selection here: #DLC
20th January, 2017
Gmod Prop Hunt Humorous Moments – Rubber Duckies & Bullet Ploof Grass! (Garry’s Mod) #WTF #Comedy #dlc
20th January, 2017
Nice talk on thermal degradation of DLC by Dr Filippo Mangolini at the Surface Engineering Focus Group - lots to ponder #DLC
19th January, 2017


bloodborne best dlc weapon, kingswagrapper1