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So the newest #DissidiaFinalFantasy DLC turns out to be Kam'lanaut from Final Fantasy XI.
18th September, 2018
Well, I finally got it. It's too bad I was not able to record the fight because it was a comeback I made with the…
15th September, 2018
Dissidia blind box collectibles on the shelf waiting to reveal their secrets! Which one will you get? #dissidia
14th September, 2018
On my first #PSPwednesday I show you #DissidiaFinalFantasy. At first it seems to be a chaotic fighting game with R…
12th September, 2018
Mood: I'd love to make an #Ardyn AMV with the songs "Cantata Mortis" and "God on Fire" of #DissidiaFF >_____> (Tran…
11th September, 2018
Dissidia peoples! Im thinking about streaming a dissida iron man tonight.....who would try and stop me?!? #DFF_NT…
9th September, 2018
You'll be seeing a lot of Hot Steels when I play aggressively lololol. #dissidiaffnt #dissidiafinalfantasy
8th September, 2018