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That would be an example of Corbyn's 'new caring politics'.*If looks could kill.* He was a tad #discombobulated dur…
27th February, 2017
So, discombobulated is a word. But combobulated isn't? I remain #discombobulated.
25th February, 2017
Weird morning. Up early for a race but don't need porridge (only 7k) & am going alone (except 🐶) Doesn't feel right #discombobulated 😳
25th February, 2017
@Eddieonfox @DannyGradio @uhbroncofan Boys keep getting Ben spun like a top. It makes for entertaining radio #discombobulated
23rd February, 2017
Has my TV been hijacked or something .. subliminal messaging? #confuzzled #discombobulated #BRITs2017
22nd February, 2017