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Nooo!😯 Casual Friday, & my casual shirts there. May have to wear a "real" work shirt today. So unfair when…
20th April, 2018
Just caught an advert for a joint Sting and Shaggy album and I'm all shades of confused #discombobulated
19th April, 2018
This live book writing shit is classic as fuck. Keep up the good work mate. Keep it #Discombobulated
18th April, 2018
Today's #sphere is a bit confused. He's ended up at a rave in the Essex countryside and what with all the strobes a…
18th April, 2018
Join 4 people right now at "San Francisco Passes a Law to Rein In Shared Electric Scooters" #cheers #technology
18th April, 2018
@angieandyvie I think Lukes comment about getting to know newcombers rattled Lisa, which is why she wanted them bot…
16th April, 2018