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Everytime I wake up, it takes at least 3 minutes to realize where I am and that I am not in Europe anymore #discombobulated
27th June, 2017
Me: what's in that field? Squeak: wheat. Bubble: cucumbers? Squeak: what you can make with wheat? Bubble: sweetcorn? #discombobulated
24th June, 2017
#discombobulated Boris Johnson’s interview disaster won’t be treated like Diane Abbott’s | Opinion
24th June, 2017
@FisolaNYDN JD should be forced to sell the franchise, and PJ should be arrested for embezzlement. #discombobulated. Oh and 80-166 😂
22nd June, 2017
Visiting the V.A. today, this place makes #Trump and his cabinet look like they have their stuff together. #disorganized #discombobulated
20th June, 2017