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@billyeichner @julieklausner we have waited long enough, bring back #difficultpeople....please??
24th April, 2019
When it comes to handling #difficultpeople, you might reduce your odds of being intimidated by #negotiating online.
23rd April, 2019
@hels That's a real thing? I thought that @julieklausner came up with that for the Vanessa Williams eps of #DifficultPeople.
19th April, 2019
This month's recognition award #GBTA for their conference that I spoke at this past week. They interviewed each of…
19th April, 2019
@melelani22 @PressSec Neither have I. Netflix keeps suggesting it, but I gravitate to things like #CallMyAgent or…
19th April, 2019
The two funniest shows of the last ten years are #DifficultPeople & #Veep. I’d say “don’t @me” but you won’t anyway lol
19th April, 2019
"Put away your cell phone or I'll take your flat iron and bury it so far up your ass your throat will burn". #difficultpeople
19th April, 2019
How to Respond to the Devil: A Guide for Managing Difficult ConversationsRelationships
18th April, 2019