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@SenatorDurbin What about "crossing "illegally" do you find confusing #DickDurbin? It's time for you to retire, your mind has atrophied.
10th November, 2018
ICE: Illegal immigrant Luis Perez released by ‘sanctuary’ charged with triple murder. Another one of #DickDurbin's,…
9th November, 2018
@SenatorDurbin You seem to be confused #DickDurbin. A "free press" as defined historically in this nation refers to…
9th November, 2018
#DickDurbin should remember his dismal record in Washington DC.
9th November, 2018
How insulting to the people that you say cannot obtain an ID because they are poor, "of color", or inner city.…
8th November, 2018
@Mediaite There could have been a bipartisan agreement on immigration reform many months ago. But Dirty #DickDurbin
7th November, 2018
It seems like they only let the Democrats in to put out a Republican fire and then kick them back out for using too…
6th November, 2018
Here's #DickDurbin fanning the flames of racism. You're a joke Durbin.
5th November, 2018