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Teheran picks off #Devers - 11 sent to bed early with no late night chocolate Sent with @MLB At Bat
26th May, 2018
@TomJoyceSports @REDSOXNATI0N #Redsox on the base paths is an exercise in freakin futility! #Devers
26th May, 2018
@TomJoyceSports @REDSOXNATI0N #Devers swings at some really shitty pitches! #Cora standing like that in the dugout…
26th May, 2018
#Devers' tough diving stop - 11 earns an extra hour of gaming Sent with @MLB At Bat
25th May, 2018
BOS@TB: #Devers robs Field with impressive diving play #redsox - 11 will be able to stay up a bit later this week S…
24th May, 2018
@RedSox @REDSOXNATI0N Time to start the annual search for a 3rd baseman? #Devers----can't field, can't hit
21st May, 2018
@RedSox_UK I am happy he has picked up in form...also helping my #FantasyBaseball team out...It is basically the…
20th May, 2018