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Next #HGC Tomb of the Spider Queen match: Love the #Stukov vs. #Deckard Cain encounter in @FNATIC vs. @TeamDignitas
17th June, 2018
“-bush outside your window? -orange body, green legs?” Talk about subliminal messaging! The feeling of familiarity…
16th June, 2018
@24flamespod Biggest piece of evidence #Deckard in #BladeRunner is not a replicant? Bryant says after Deckard retir…
15th June, 2018
Biggest piece of evidence that Deckard is a replicant? How long he hung there with one hand. Help your ears and yo…
14th June, 2018
Stay a while and listen! Ran into my roommate dressed as Deckard Cain at AN! . . . #doctorterawatt #diablo
14th June, 2018
Hello, handsome! Deckard tees from @cottonbureau should start arriving this week. I want pictures, people, so post…
14th June, 2018
@GidgitVonLaRue @MGTpodcast How does #Deckard live where he does if he is not a replicant?
9th June, 2018