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@EmilyYoffe I miss you as #DearPrudence - would you ever consider doing another advice column?
20th July, 2018
'Why do you associate dominating something with the only way of caring about it?' I could quote @evilmallelis a mil…
18th July, 2018
the sun is up the sky is blue it’s beautiful and so are you #whitealbum #dearprudence #beatles
17th July, 2018
One of our amazing campers introduced us to the sounds of @bradmehldau and we can't stop listening to his version o…
15th July, 2018
Dear Prudence see the sunny skies. The wind is low, the birds will sing, that you are part of everything #DearPrudence #Beatles
15th July, 2018
This #DearPrudence addressing LGBTQ partner violence is a necessary read. "Just because you’ve never felt unsafe w…
14th July, 2018
Not many folks can imagine how some people in heaven would actually smile as @BobWeir played #DearPrudence. @PATBROWNE516
14th July, 2018