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" How can you say you love God and have not seen him yet can't love your brother and sister who you see everyday."…
23rd August, 2017
My circle small asf.....but we all some dicks lmao!!! #Darion #DeAndre #Denzel #Deon #DeAunte
22nd August, 2017
"When one part of America hurts; we ALL hurt; When ONE CITIZEN suffers an INJUSTICE, we ALL 'suffer' together" Tell THAT 2 #Deandre Harris!
22nd August, 2017
#DeAndre Hopkins sidelined with hand injury - DeAndre Hopkins | HOU
21st August, 2017
@Barbie284 @TerryMcAuliffe Great ? Queen: 2 suspects hve been identified by face/name. Arrest & charge them; get th…
19th August, 2017