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@alexscokel Hey, is there going to be another round of fixes for typos identified by the community in #Deadfire 4.0? :)
20th November, 2018
@Obsidian with the recent Microsoft acquisition, is PoE2 still planned for a PS4 release? #deadfire #ps4
19th November, 2018
What was the last game you finished and immediately started again from the beginning? I just did that with Pillar…
16th November, 2018
A lot of fighting and a lot of dead slavers. Remember, it's not stealing, it's pillaging. There's a difference!…
15th November, 2018
We're now live! Currently playing Pillars of Eternity 2 - #Deadfire :
15th November, 2018
How the hell are you gonna nominate Detroit: Become Human for narrative over #Deadfire?
15th November, 2018
i've started a new deadfire playthrough as a priest of eothas, and woah boy does that add a whole new level of trag…
15th November, 2018