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Fucks all this bollocks now on the #BRITs2018 a magic show or somert?? #davidblaine
21st February, 2018
"Shooting a bullet into his own mouth  to endurance feats like being suspended upside down for 60 hours,..."…
19th February, 2018
My new podcast, #TheGreyZone: Mark Ebner (@thedailybeast, Spy, Maxim, Hustler & more) goes off on alleged rapist…
18th February, 2018
I uploaded a new episode, "DEBUT EPISODE: ENTER THE GREY ZONE WITH MARK EBNER", on #spreaker #celebrity
18th February, 2018
Had to serve myself some Cheez-Its in a cup today as we seem to be out of bowls and I was reminded of this:…
13th February, 2018
#Haagendazs And why the hell do I need #DavidBlaine to open a pint of ice cream??😬😬😬
13th February, 2018