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How does this even happen? I mean wtf? I feel like I, like WE, all owe their mother something. Smh. #JamesFranco,…
14th August, 2018
The four horsemen protect mystic temple of magic. But, whose tricks entertained you the most? #jesseeinsenberg
12th August, 2018
Some candids of Dave looking casually cool in Los Angeles last August 20th. #DaveFranco
12th August, 2018
‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Trailer Teases ‘Moonlight’ Director's Latest!! Check It Out!! #IfBealeStreetCouldTalk,…
11th August, 2018
If my doctor looked like this I'd throw myself in front of a bus every day 😍😍 #davefranco #scrubs #hotdoctor
9th August, 2018