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@oksportsperform @jacobwoody22 Keep working hard. Prepare for the season. You are in great hands with #Darryl Knight
13th November, 2018
I'd purge my friends list but most a y'all are too much. I need that. In my life sometimes... But y'all are turning me.....🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 #Darryl
13th November, 2018
#thewalkingdeaduk After all this time jump #Darryl still not got a haircut?? I mean c'mon on @wwwbigbaldhead for th…
13th November, 2018
I hope #Darryl Getting Some Ass Season 😭🤧😝😛😜 "The Walking Dead airing on AMC" #TheWalkingDead
12th November, 2018
Check out #Darryl Sittler Toronto Maple Leafs Autographed Retro CCM® Hockey Jersey via @eBay
8th November, 2018