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@DuncanField If that’s the criteria, Ky Kouzmanoff should have been in the derby. I’ve seen him one hop Dallys multiple times. #Darryl
17th July, 2018
I jus put out a few invites for my page, id greatly appreciate the support. If your a first time customer your gett…
16th July, 2018
I have over a dozen hack messages in my messenger right now. If its not clear an direct in the first four words, I…
15th July, 2018
Big cats, we bait the trap // slick rats, they fade to black. #Darryl
15th July, 2018
@ari_shapiro They would all be out of date with how da game us played now and would not be successful but if i had ta choose #Darryl
14th July, 2018