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Took a week off from SM. My #nfotd incl the wow #Roma #TheBodyGuard series, #Triangle (horror w a beloved gimmick p…
9th December, 2018
@JimCarrey #DarkCrimes is your strongest dramatic performance to date, due in large part to quality of the writing.…
9th December, 2018
Watching the movie #darkcrimes with @JimCarrey whom I fucking adore, but so,it's so, idk, weird. I know Jim doesnt…
8th December, 2018
Watching @jimcarrey in a role way against type for him, a detective in the film #DarkCrimes. Dark and brooding, say…
8th December, 2018
@JimCarrey man #darkcrimes was a great film, love the twists an turns in the story :)
7th December, 2018
@JimCarrey who in the fuck is this guy #darkcrimes dude u nailed it!!
2nd December, 2018