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@d_parr and I saw Bruno Ferraro speak about Trangression and Punishment in Dante's Inferno; not convincing enough t…
20th October, 2018
#workinprogress This was meant to be a #study for an #abstractpainting But it had a mind of its own & decided to be…
18th October, 2018
“Abandon hope all ye who enter here” - Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece tour through the nine circles of Hell…
18th October, 2018
Unless they give you bad counsel. I remember #DanteAlighieri having some of the errant counselors thrown into #hell
14th October, 2018
The Moment I read the first few lines is when I fell in love with classic literature. 📚#DanteAlighieri #Inferno
12th October, 2018
Big thanks to Professor Dan Christian for coming to BYU all the way from Baltimore, MD to talk about Dante and The…
11th October, 2018