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We are getting ready for today's @dmindspodcast dangerous minds recording with Josiah Zayner if you have questions…
19th November, 2017
Cum for Me: Intimate photographs of men and women at the point of orgasm. From #DangerousMinds
18th November, 2017
@nowthisnews Just lie after lie after lie! We're in so much trouble #dangerousminds
16th November, 2017
@RawanHoops Like a teacher in a movie who realized in order to reach the inner city teens & get respect she had to…
16th November, 2017
“To think ofthese stars that you see overhead at night, these vast worlds which we can never reach. I would annex t…
12th November, 2017
Freezing out. What better way to spend my Saturday with a warm fuzzy blanket, mocha latte, and @janetevanovich #dangerousminds 🤗
12th November, 2017