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- @MasterChefUK #craig blimey! 21 yr old. #culinarygenius .. Louisa ain’t bad either .. I’m hungry 😋
24th November, 2017
I swear, I would work for FREE if I could work and learn from @bflay !! He is a #CulinaryGenius! #IronChefShowdown @nytfood
23rd November, 2017
today that little girl who’s always in bruff with her parents and brother was eating a Peppermint Pizza. a slice of…
22nd November, 2017
Pepperoni pizzas are awesome, but buttered pepperoni & omelette pizzas are even better #culinarygenius # pizza
21st November, 2017
@AdamRichman where is the best place for a burger or pizza (or both) in New York City? Flying out in 2 weeks. #manvsfood #culinarygenius
19th November, 2017