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And honestly with Breath of the Wild being out, #CubeWorld would be amazing to be a full game around this time.
24th March, 2017
I can actually see #ZeldaBreathoftheWild and @wol_lay's #CubeWorld going hand in hand with the combat and exploration both being amazing.
24th March, 2017
How long is "soon"? It's been over 2 years...honestly it makes me sad because it looks like such a great game.. ;-;…
22nd March, 2017
@wol_lay im waiting desesperately for #CubeWorld i wanna buy it right now!please keep the hard work on this man 😉
18th March, 2017
You guys remember #cubeworld? that game without a doubt was one of the best "blocky" games I've played. Can't wait for the new update.
16th March, 2017