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One of the best lines of the latest episode of @CW_CrazyXGF was spoken by Rebecca’s date Jason after he discovered…
16th January, 2019
#fatalattraction #crazyex you don’t even know me anymore,now I only suck certain dicks....#elevatedwhore
13th January, 2019
WATCH NOW: Your favorite #CrazyExGirlfriend is back on #WCCB Charlotte's CW with an all new episode! TRAILER:…
12th January, 2019
TONIGHT @9: Rebecca decides that she needs to find a way to take her mind off her ex-boyfriends on a new…
12th January, 2019
I may be late for work tomorrow after binge watching the last 5 episodes of #CrazyEx tonight - @racheldoesstuff
10th January, 2019