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@SenateMajLdr @POTUS @MikeCrapo Ah yes. Another of your “Crapo” bills becomes law. #crapola
25th May, 2018
@News_Letter The bar has been lowered to its lowest yet by the good old news letter. #Crapola
23rd May, 2018
@pchdotcom what a fking scam! I paid for anything I was Billed for, #and now they tell me I owe more, and include t…
22nd May, 2018
@GOP #crapola keep defending your morally bankrupt leader. Character means nothing to you people. This is the same…
21st May, 2018
Can’t wait for Jacinta‘ performance and back story....I’m still not as sure as she is on how forgettable she is as…
20th May, 2018