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@Boyd_2650 @busylizzie48 #SCOTUS must overrturn the unconstitutional ruling by that SFO lower #COURTofAPPEALS
11th November, 2018
@PaulEDawson "President Trump on Friday morning called the ruling "a #political decision made by a #judge. I think…
10th November, 2018
#CourtofAppeals: Shoe Shaving. If Novak Djokovic is doing it, can you? By Rebel Good:
8th November, 2018
Here is a quick update from @HSElaw regarding changes to #executivecompensation issues. New York’s Highest Court S…
8th November, 2018
It was an honour & a pleasure to visit the stunning & historic Supreme Court of Canada as well as Canada’s Federal…
7th November, 2018