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I had a dream last night that Dustin made us late to our wedding because he made us stop on the way to look for turkeys #couldhappen 😂
23rd May, 2017
@DaltonHall99 Brrruuuuuhhhhh.....imagine Willie Brown callin ur name....#COULDHAPPEN #PREPAREASIFITWILL
22nd May, 2017
Had a dream I was hanging with @Lin_Manuel & @Vegalteno. Awesome dream. Photographed his family. Loved my work.…
22nd May, 2017
Imagine if Bayern finish 3rd in the #ChampionsLeague group, go into the @EuropaLeague & play #Arsenal in the knock out round. #CouldHappen
22nd May, 2017
Got a feeling Watford are going to turn it around for us in the second half! #couldhappen #WATMCI #ARSVSEVE
21st May, 2017
@funder @SenatorBurr 3 weeks for Russians to assassinate Comey. #couldHappen
20th May, 2017
@LoneWolfStanley I think he may already be naked a good part of the day- #couldhappen
17th May, 2017
If the Mariner's don't get it straight, the Supersonics could come in and win the hearts first. Wouldn't that be something! #COULDHAPPEN
17th May, 2017
@Paige_Mackenzie Little known #ThePlayers fact. Winner will wear new champion's onesie to create new tradition…
15th May, 2017