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There has got to be some very rich person (male or female) that just meets a random and just kicks it to high heave…
22nd September, 2018
Random Animal Weather Fact #4,645 If you see a pircuda, expect aquatic chunt at midnight. #couldhappen
21st September, 2018
Wait, wait. The Browns could possibly mess up victory formation, no? #couldhappen #nah #browns #win
21st September, 2018
I’ve got mental images of people flying ‘Mary Poppins’ style out of the public gallery. #CouldHappen ☂️
20th September, 2018
I'd love to see Mookie Betts bunt for an out (on purpose) in the last inning of the last game of the season to get…
14th September, 2018
So, with new Apple Watch feature what if your DD drops you at home after a wild party, you fall in the living room…
12th September, 2018