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Wait, gameshow host #PresidentTrump chose H.R. Pufnstuf to be his National Security Adviser? #couldhappen
21st February, 2017
@nielsonTSN1260 How pissed are Matthews lovers going to be when Calder finalist are- Marner, Laine, Werenski #couldhappen #reality
20th February, 2017
Going for an upset tonight in the FA Cup, Backing Arsenal to win #Couldhappen 🤞🏽
20th February, 2017
JUST started reading No Baggage by Clara Bensen. Scary funny how much this could be me. Super enthralled! #couldhappen #singlegirlproblems
20th February, 2017
@DedSquid @MinnitiFrank dream scenario : Vegas has 2 goalies already... takes Helm Abdelkader or Dekeyser ....: #DreamScenario #CouldHappen
18th February, 2017
Mum told me I was mental thinking a zombie apocalypse was totally possible then I reminded her Donald Trump was president 😂 #couldhappen
18th February, 2017
I remain a smidge agnostic just because I occasionally pray for certain people to burn in hell. #couldhappen #maybe #ehhfuckit ⛪️🔥😈
16th February, 2017
@DevynsKeith imagine if you wld have had Drone footage of the area at press time ... ;). #couldhappen EQB View delivers aerials!
15th February, 2017