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last time 👀 heard "snarf" was #Thundercats #shoutout to "panthro" didja know he was voiced by the dad/GRANDAD on…
21st January, 2018
Ah, the good days where if the parents left for the night, the kids has to deal with it and cancel their plans. No…
20th January, 2018
Who spends $200 a month on clothes and shoes? #CosbyShow
19th January, 2018
@GoldingGirl617 How Sad! All I can think about is, what if #PhyliciaRashad had challenged her pay? Then we not have the #CosbyShow
19th January, 2018
My 1 year old daughter really likes watching #LivingSingle and the #CosbyShow lol. She can be doing anything and if…
17th January, 2018
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series goes to @TraceeEllisRoss and @neicynash didn't look too happy. #imageawards
16th January, 2018