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Stream starting after we #NomNomNom! Don't forget to swing by the stream to find out how you can win a free copy of…
19th May, 2018
I put my alice angel funko pop near my Naomi and Seiko figurines :3 I will always be a corpse party fan as well as…
17th May, 2018
And this is it, the finale of #CorpseParty. Will we make it out, or break under the evil of the school?
15th May, 2018
Expect two videos tomorrow! At noon the finale of #CorpseParty will go live. Be sure to stick around after it finis…
15th May, 2018
With #CorpseParty coming to it's end, the tragedies of the past come full circle. Death echoes in these halls!
14th May, 2018
It is so rare that I get to work with such a talented voice actress. Every time I do, those videos shine above the…
14th May, 2018
Can anyone suggest me some good horror/thriller anime? Other than #elfenlied #another #corpseparty #anime #suggestions #ask #Question
13th May, 2018