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The "cooties" stage serves a useful purpose: it creates a "safe" boundary, allowing boys to reach their full & pred…
14th December, 2018
Taking to the streets crying tears of joy, popping champagne corks is called celebrating, not revolting, dear. *…
13th December, 2018
Melania Trump makes historic Osprey flight to visit US military And now it's infected with @FLOTUS #cooties!!! Get…
13th December, 2018
Why did no one tell me about the movie #Cooties ? It’s hilarious and creepy plus @rainnwilson is the best
12th December, 2018
these boys just looked at me then when i made eye contact with them they started laughing #cooties #theyareprobably13
9th December, 2018
@iowahawkblog I was on the playground when he told everyone in our class that this girl had #Cooties
9th December, 2018
@LadyLovesTaft 12?!? I’m surprised he even touched the note. 😁 #cooties
6th December, 2018