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PEN says never seen so many writers in prison in one country at one time via @turkeypurge #Journalism #ColbertReport
21st July, 2017
Can't believe @midnight is ENDING!!! Wtf #2017 is the worst year for television! I always watched that show after the #colbertreport
19th July, 2017
STEPHEN I LOVE YOU FOREVER❤️#colbertreport @Times Square, New York City
15th July, 2017
Shame on me for learning #Croissant was created in 1683, to commemorate #Ottoman failure to take #Vienna from…
14th July, 2017
Anyone else feel like if we still had #ColbertReport Trump wouldn't have won the election? Gotta stop the propaganda. @StephenAtHome
14th July, 2017