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#coates uses epistolary form to question the current order of America & to also make an impact on readers 👉 more personal/self reflection?
21st February, 2017
Dreamers support America 👉 American Dream 👉America built on (functions via) White Supremacy 👉 dreamers support white supremacy? #coates
21st February, 2017
Sport's big stoush continues: when will the govt step in? #Coates #Favier #Wylie
17th February, 2017
TRUMP STRIKES BACK @jeffsessions #Pompeo #Coates given marching orders - find and exterminate intelligence 'bad act…
16th February, 2017
"I keep forgetting u girls would be anywhere but here,if u could be, but I come here by choice, like an idiot." -#Coates #OITNB
14th February, 2017