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"We will continue this World-Class - Next time! Meanwhile, - Please go to & Click on SCHOOL…
12th November, 2018
"Every rod of the wicked shall be swallowed up by the Holy Ghost - And Power of the Highest shall Overshadow it" #FromGloryConf #Joy #CLW
10th November, 2018
"Behold! Every adversary is being swallowed up, Every foe is being swallowed up - Hidden or exposed, they Shall be swallowed up" #Joy #CLW
10th November, 2018
"Tonight, the Holy Ghost is Coming upon U - And the Power of the Highest is Overshadowing U to Swallow up any rod of the enemy" #Joy #CLW
10th November, 2018
@Philips Global Ledalite EyeLine 💡 Stylishly sophisticated, boldly dramatic… Its horizontally ultra-thin line of l…
9th November, 2018
Meyer by Electrix Illumination 💡 Lighting up the night life on Regent Street, London, UK. . . . #Meyer #Electrix
9th November, 2018
@LumiumLighting Hassium 2 💡 Simple functionality. Maintaining the clean and contemporary rectangular profile. . . .…
8th November, 2018
The Bible Has: "1.800,000 Words, 2.66 Books, - 3.1189 Chapters, 4.Takes 56 hours to Read Through"…
7th November, 2018
Precious Child Of God! " When Ur Appointed Time of Life comes - None can stand in Ur WAY, b'cos U are included in God's Agenda" #Joy #CLW
6th November, 2018