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@CLPine @RealMattCouch Is that commie/CIA tree lurking here telling us not to follow #ConspiracyTheory? Begone #ClownPosse !
14th March, 2018
😂🤣 The woman who wears bullet necklaces during National TV appearances is on her way back! Fantastic. 😂 #clownposse
13th March, 2018
Gunman clearly groomed by Clowns and triggered by CIA to kill three women used by them to MKULTRA #PTSD soldiers. S…
11th March, 2018
@CBCAlerts Christine should take the normals and form a new PC party. Ford can run the CP: #ClownPosse
11th March, 2018
@derektjacobson @MattP_BU Yeah, your WORDS are clear irrefutable PROOF that he is right? Or wait, Whoopi told you. #ClownPosse
11th March, 2018