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@maff11 It’s no wonder GoT ended!! The f**king dragon F’ed it all up for everyone!!! 🤬🤬🤬 #Clint
21st May, 2019
@SonicCougar99 @SpotterBrett Thank you!! I remember very well! And I hope he NEVER wins another race because of it.…
19th May, 2019
Poking noses and striking poses! #Clint "thejackhammer" Bowyer
19th May, 2019
@NASCAR #Clint bowyer is far from a good race car driver and also far from a man
19th May, 2019
Stewart-Haas needs to give my man, #Clint a better car.
19th May, 2019
adapted to the league while we'll settle for 7th in the prem after our league 1 journey #levels #CLINT
17th May, 2019